Regional Advantage

E - Regional Advantage


  • The competitive landscape is evolving from individual corporate competition to large-scale co-opetition™.
  • Industry partnerships that develop shared and integrated capabilities will effectively compete.
  • Integration and scale of regional assets are instrumental in the growth and attraction of new assets to the region.
  • Industry clusters facilitate being on the pulse of innovators and disruptors.
  • Competitive regions will attract emerging and adjacent industries.
  • Over time the disparity between actualized regions will increase the gap exponentially between those regions that do not have the means to compete.
  • Regions with a clear vision and an industry-centric progressive culture will retain industry.


We work with regional leaders to enhance economic development efforts by defining strategies for cluster development and sustainable economic programs that will attract new assets and ongoing investment.


New capabilities are needed to build and attract new regional assets, creating undeniable advantages and a sustainable economy.  Our team is focused on the development of innovation ecosystems.  A variety of new models of regional development are being implemented in leading cities around the world.  We have defined best practices based on varying approaches, structures, and outcomes.   These include new generations of cluster development, entrepreneurial innovation, new systems of education and new funding models.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with your team.


Key challenges we help organizations navigate include:

Initial structuring of industry consortium and regional teams.
Based on the outcomes the region is looking to cultivate, a variety of regional development models can be employed or blended.  Each type of regional development model is aligned to different benefits, requiring different roles and participation from stakeholders across the ecosystem.

We guide teams through an evaluation of models, used in regions around the world, to create a unique model aligned to regional needs.

Growing capabilities of industry & regional teams
New capabilities for both the regional teams and their stakeholders will be required to realize the execution of the model and to support those that the model serves.

We help define the key capabilities required and create incremental roadmaps to scale and manage the capabilities over time.

Selecting an initial focus & a long-term vision
Strategies that regions are deploying continue to evolve.  Companies can relocate to any region that offers a higher degree of competitive advantage.   Progressive regions form long-term plans aligned with cluster development initiatives.

We guide teams in future state planning to drive the attraction of emerging industries, strengthening the depth in adjacent industries, and amplify the relevance of their core industries.

Building attraction through acceleration of business
Attracting new assets is a key goal behind any set of strategies a region may employ.   Industries are attracted by Access/Acceleration/Amplification advantages and are retained by a Live/Work/Play lifestyle.  As a region’s brand gains global recognition,  its value proposition must go beyond basic quality of life characteristics and grow into more compelling assets around driving competitive advantage for business.

We align planning and investment models across the domains of cluster development, innovation ecosystem and economic development initiatives.

Ecosystem integration begins with co-opitition
Global competition and cross-sector consortiums are integrating in new ways including co-opitition strategies.  As cluster development increases, the concentration and co-location of industry competitors will drive the level of co-opitition partnerships and become an increasing regional differentiator. Many regions already have a great number of assets but the power of the region exists in its ability to align and integrate assets to drive a high level of regional advantage.

We guide the development of cluster integration strategies.

Implementing tiered decision support
Decision support brings operational insights to regional decision makers.  Regional development exists on many tiers both in terms of new metrics and new decision support frameworks.  Clear governance and decision support frameworks are key for alignment across stakeholder groups involved in the region.   Metrics and measurement of an innovation ecosystem and innovation economy are different but both are critical in developing the supportive narrative of progress.

We work with teams to implement decision support under each initiative.

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