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  • The nature of competition is changing and it will be led by the organizations that have cultivated cutting-edge capabilities to drive their competitive advantage.
  • Companies that develop new integrated capabilities effectively compete.
  • Strategic data-driven decision-making empowers the organization.
  • Knowledge management is foundational to a learning culture.
  • Discovering the next market comes through exploration.
  • Boards have a role to play in innovation and their business ecosystem development.
  • Sustainable success comes from a business of resiliency and legacy.


We work with boards, c-suites, and innovation leaders to accelerate their innovation initiatives and build new capabilities required to compete.


New capabilities are needed to have the agility to pivot and the power to compete in innovative ways.   Our team has a long history of working with strategy and innovation teams in many industries and has seen how these teams have been built and grown to be more effective.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with your team. 


Key challenges we help organizations navigate include:

Initial structuring of strategy & innovation teams
Strategy and innovation teams can be structured in many forms.  Different models exist based on targeted benefits the innovation team will drive. Each model requires different skill sets and capabilities to accomplish the mission.

We work with teams to define initial structures that align with mission and the incremental development of immediate and longer-term capabilities.

Growing capabilities of strategy & innovation teams
As activity increases and growth occurs, critical capabilities will create the ability to act and take advantage of new market opportunities.  For example, integrated process and governance can create organizational alignment to help drive executive directives.  Knowledge management shares learning across the organization and preserves the experience for future projects.

We can help your teams to develop new capabilities,  integrate processes and supporting governance.

Selecting a focus & evaluating opportunities
The nature of competition continues to rapidly evolve. There are many new methods of competition and positioning being employed today.

We can provide tools and approaches to effectively evaluate new growth opportunities, partnerships, and competitive approaches in the marketplace.

Managing a growing portfolio for maximum impact
Over time the portfolio will need to balance multiple projects that are running in parallel while evaluating new opportunities and investments.  Different projects have vastly different impacts and long-term implications for the organization.

We can help construct dashboards that visualize the investments and debts that will be incurred across many factors of the operating model of the company.

Ecosystem & partnership development
Increasing your company’s role within the ecosystem can attract new opportunities and create a deeper resilience to disruption and competitive pressures.  We can help define new strategic approaches to your ecosystem.

We can help define new strategic approaches to engaging in your ecosystem.

Implementing tiered decision support
Decision support brings operational insights to executive decision makers.  To effectively align the organization, an integrated decision support system must be put in place at the management, executive, and board levels.  Assessments can show basic capability maturation and organizational readiness.  Operational status provides insight and increases manageability of current initiatives.  Executive dashboards provide senior leaders with overall progress and performance aspects of the organization.   Market and business ecosystem dashboards help senior executives work with the board to create new strategies and react to both disruptions and opportunities.

We partner with teams to develop communicative dashboards that help visualize the overall activities, progress, and opportunities to provide increased manageability for leadership.

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