Explore, Focus, Build and Run comprise our four integrated service areas. Key assets are developed in each area resulting in new Data & Intelligence, Metrics & Measurements, and Knowledge Management for the organization. These assets are leveraged in a decision support platform. The combination of all of these components enable organizations to move into new and innovative spaces.

EFBR Summary


Explore enables the organization to proactively discern opportunities and risks and consider its strategic direction in a broader context.  Building a stronger base of partner and competitor intelligence is key in mapping ecosystem innovations and disruptions.  Strong data intelligence can be used to create visual ecosystem maps and provide insights into opportunities for offensive and defensive strategies.


Focus is defining an organization’s role within the ecosystem and evaluating the portfolio of opportunities that will drive to strategic differentiators. A strategy provides straightforward direction to prioritize external and internal investments. The roadmap provides the milestones. The gap analysis identifies the organizational capabilities required to execute the strategy.


Build is strengthening internal capabilities around structure, governance, integration. Designing the structure and integration points of an organization are key to the development of an effective governance framework. Governance establishes an alignment to the strategy with clearly entrusted authority. The quality of integration is defined by the increased ability to exchange and create new value.


Run is the adoption of processes, tools, and roles that create sustainability and resiliency. Highly performing teams lead to efficiency and effectiveness. The growing ability to evaluate and adapt empowers the organization to respond to opportunities.


The development of our four service areas produces a broad spectrum of information. We group this information into three core categories: Data & Intelligence, Metrics & Measurements, and Knowledge Management. This leads to improved decision support. This progression will move an organization from basic categorization capabilities to performance and behavior metrics and impact analysis. Organizational decisions continue to improve bolstering proactive, innovative ecosystem engagement.

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