Board of Directors Executive Briefing

Elements Group presented to the Executive Committee of a local nonprofit child advocacy center that provides services locally and trains internationally.  The focus was on how nonprofits can unlock their potential and create sustainable organizations as the landscape is changing and competition for funding escalates.

MACC 2017: Trends & Transformation

Elements Group presented the Top Challenges for Technology Leaders in an Innovation Economy at the MACC 2017 Annual Conference.  The presentation had three key messages:  (1) The nature of competition is changing and there are a growing number of new models of competition that require both offensive and defensive capabilities.  (2)  There are many types of structures of innovation practices … Continue reading MACC 2017: Trends & Transformation

Strategic Board Retreat

Elements Group facilitated a workshop for a long-established nonprofit organization.  The board and executive director, progressive in their approach, are looking for ways to proactively create ongoing sustainability for their organization and influence in their ecosystem.  The presentation challenged the team to consider new ways to use its data assets and build new capabilities to generate exponential value … Continue reading Strategic Board Retreat