Disrupting the Food Industry

How can a shift towards healthier foods can disrupt the food industry?   ACG hosted a Food Technology luncheon on April 17th at the Hilton Gallery in downtown Minneapolis.    Two local start-up companies shared insights to the new technology and momentum the are creating in the marketplace.   Both companies are poised to disrupt the food industry in a shift to more health food options for consumers.  

Living Green Farms is one of the leading urban farming companies that is growing on its way to become a national leader in leafy greens food production.   They are able to raise crops free of pesticides in their vertically grown farms and grow crops locally season round through their indoor farming processes.   They are looking to create a market shift in terms of healthy, fresh, and locally grown alternatives to greens.   Calyxt originated in partnership with technology from the UMN.  They can genetically turn off unwanted properties at the DNA level to focus the plants on healthier properties.  They are piloting large farming operations of their new seeds this year.  They look to shift the market by partnering with existing food manufactures to provide them with healthier ingredients for manufacturing food.

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