Microsoft Technology Center Experience

IMG_5527Microsoft is helping companies learn how they can develop new IoT (Internet of Things) products at 50 Microsoft Technology Centers around the globe. They do this by providing the experts and access to new and old hardware and software all in one place.  The opportunity to pilot ideas in an interactive mobile-first, cloud-first test environment allows companies to try solutions with limited investment. The Edina location includes the Maker Space, Hackathon Space, and a state-of-the-art Production Studio.


Jon Coons, Microsoft IoT Global Black Belt, presented on the following topics:

    • What is IoT?
    • Current IoT products
    • Where is IoT going
    • Impact of IoT on business
    • How IoT products create value for people

You can now remote start your car, get notified when the temperature in your house drops below 50 degrees and know how many steps you took today.  Real IoT uses are all around us and they typically fall into one of four categories:  remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, command and control, and user experience and value.

This event was made possible by the Product Development and Management Association. The Microsoft Technology Center is a great example of how one company recognized that just selling their products wasn’t the best way to help the customer solve their business challenges.  So they created a resource that expedites the customer’s journey to find the best solution and be confident in its purchasing decision.

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